D7 Gardening

Throughout Semester One, students in D7 have been working on a gardening unit in Technology. This has included the planting of sunflowers, beans and peas in our garden. Growing our own produce has many benefits including encouraging students to eat healthier, relieves stress, improves focus and memory and positively improves student mood and wellbeing. Students have enjoyed learning about the requirements necessary for a plant to grow. Our beans were sprouted in cotton wool then transferred to soil outside, and we are currently growing beans in a maze inside shoe boxes, to see whose bean will reach the light first. These will also be transferred to our garden once they sprout.

We look forward to being able to eat our produce in our cooking lessons.

D2 Top Hats

These unique top hats were made by D2 students during Technology as possible costume accessories for the School Musical.

They used duct tape and plastic bags, which were ironed together, created patterns and pieced it all together with decorative details, proving that incredible results can be achieved with simple materials.

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D1 ‘De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats’ Finished Project

Students in D1 continue to work well on their class projects in Visual Arts. The ‘De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats’ major project has been completed and hung in the Senior Quad area of the school. Students have now also finished tiling and grouting the sections for the FISH! Philosophy project, which is coming together very well. In Science, students are focused and interested learners. They are currently studying the ‘Living Systems’ topic, starting with plants and then moving on to human systems.

Athletics Carnival 2018

The Coona High Athletics Carnival saw Tibuc come away with the win for 2018.

It was a fantastic day with participation numbers high and house spirit on show.

Congratulations to Madison Heywood who broke the 15 years javelin record!

The relays proved to be the highlight, winding the day up with many close finishes and Mr Ramage’s running commentary.

The Tom Sullivan Gift was run and won by Year 12 student Jasper Somervaille. He was very closely followed by Charley Isedale (2nd) and Darcy Abel (3rd).

Congratulations to the Age Champions

12 years Emma West Kuras and Chris Frazer

13 years Amelia Hadfield and Sam Pickette

14 years Amarlee Vallette and Brad Fuller

15 years Amarni Whipper and Mason Connell

16 years Jemma Worth and Matt Kenyon

Senior Mackenzie Raaen and Jacskon Sulter

Thankyou to Mr Cousens for his organisation of the day, the Warrumbungle Shire Council crew for the marking of the grounds and preparation of ovals and all staff who braved the cold wind on the day to get the job done.

Despite it being a little on the cold side,  it was a successful day for all and you can see a gallery of images from the day clicking below:

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FISH! Philosopy mural

Students have nearly completed their first class project (Six Thinking Hats) in Visual Arts in D1, with one more coat of varnish before it is ready to be hung in the Senior Quad area of the school. Each student has made a positive contribution to this project and they should be proud of their efforts.

The next class project, which has been started, is the FISH! Philosophy mural, which stands for ‘Be There’, ‘Play’, ‘Make Their Day’ and ‘Choose Your Attitude’ – all positive ways of interacting with others. This installation will feature mirrored tiles, which will reflect the sun and hopefully work towards brightening up D1 outside wall

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