Peer Support Leaders

During Term 3 all students from Year 10 gained vital leadership skills by attending Peer Support Training.

From this training, our Peer Support Leaders were chosen.  Over Term 3 and 4 students from Year 7 met their Year 10 Peer Support Leaders and worked on developing beliefs and attitudes towards school.  Peer Support is a peer led, skills based program, which empowers students to support each other to contribute positively to their community.

Year 7 students developed the skills of understanding, attitudes and strategies to improve their mental, social and emotional wellbeing.  While Year 10 develop resilience, assertiveness, decision making, problem solving and leadership skills.  The 2017 Peer Support Leaders, Kiara Hawkins, Chloe Ensor, Bailey Milford, Matilda Harris, Phoebie Hayman, Ashur Quaglino, Sam Abbott, Matilda Chapman, Bailey Reedman, Libby Varley, Tom Young, Emily Wallace, Johst Bowmaker, Joe Cooper, Angus Lambert, Zac Chambers, MacKenzie Raaen, Niamh Whittall, Travis Tighe, Daniel Neville, Mya Stone, Corey Thomas, Liam Russell, Hannah Deshon,  Issac Walden, Racheal Barron, Rachel Bennell, Macaela Shepherd-Hagemann and Jesse Somervaille have developed a supportive and positive rapport with the their Year 7 group and are proving to excel in their leadership role.

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