Gardening with Support Unit

Gardening is a universally accessible activity which soothes the soul.

In Coonabarabran High School’s Support Unit all students (and staff!) enjoying learning in each of the three classrooms have access to a garden at the door and it is a subject in the KLA of TAS.

Students in D1 and a mainstream student have been fortunate to be able to use the 3 covered raised garden beds acquired under the Woolworths Earn and Learn program.  They have been planted with herbs and we think are positioned beautifully to receive enough sun during winter. Outside D1 the overgrown garden area has now been tamed and murals the students have commenced working on will be able to be seen when in position. Students are shown in the image learning from Marty, the best conditions for the worms he has given them for their worm farm.

The D2 garden area was revamped a little while ago and students have access to 2 raised garden beds and seating (which we share with Year 11 students during recess and lunch). The Habits of Mind of Highly Successful People mural behind the garden continues to provoke thought and the violets and aloe vera flourish.

The D7 garden is quite large and can be used as an outdoor classroom. Students have just found the shoots of the sunflower seeds they recently planted. Watch this space for some major improvements to this garden if we are successful with a grant application!