Creative Story by Declan Eshman

Students were asked to write a creative story that aligned with their HSIE studies of Ancient Egypt. They chose from three story starters and were able to choose their own adventure from there. In just one period, Declan Eshman completed a highly successful creative writing piece.

I opened my eyes and I was finally there. I had reached the afterlife. All I could see was… a god. His gaze fell upon me and my blood froze. My breathing cam in short gasps as I squirmed under his gaze. I tried to make myself breathe but all could do was to not fall. I made my eyes meet his and in that one moment I thought of truly dying, being forgotten forever, but his eyes finally lifted off me and I became slowly aware of the other souls around me. My feet slowly scuffed the floor as I made my way to the next test. I wanted to stop, to rest but I knew if I did I would never get up. Thousands of thousands of souls shuffled along in an eerie line to the next test which would claim their second life…

        I remembered the amulet that my parents gave me, I reached in to my right pocket in the rags I never knew I was wearing and there it was. A single ruby inlaid in silver with specks of gold. I clutched it with shaking hands as I whispered spells and prayer I was taught. The ones which come from the book of the dead which is most precious when it came to the afterlife. It was going to be a rough day.

        After walking for another lifetime we came upon the balance, the balance which would weigh our hearts over our lies to see which one is true.  My pulse quickened…

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