HSC Minimum Standards Test

Current Year 10 students are the first cohort that is required to demonstrate a minimum standard of literacy and numeracy to receive their HSC in 2020. To demonstrate the standard, students are able to take each of the online reading, writing and numeracy tests twice a year. They don’t have to take them all at once, and once they pass, they won’t need to take them again.

Current Year 10s who achieved Band 8s or above in one or more of the 2017 NAPLAN tests have been recognised as having met the HSC minimum standard in that area/s and will not need to sit the corresponding online test/s.

About the tests:

The minimum standard online tests are different from NAPLAN tests. There are three separate 45 minute tests:

Minimum Standard Reading Test – 45 multiple choice questions

Minimum Standard Numeracy Test –  45 multiple choice questions

Minimum Standard Writing Test – one question based on a choice of two prompts. Students will be required to write a maximum of 500 words.

The minimum standard tests are ‘computer adaptive’, which means the questions asked are determined by the student’s answer to the previous question.

Practice test:

Students are encouraged to try the short online practice tests. The practice reading and numeracy tests will provide schools and students with an indication of the level of skills demonstrated in these tests. Students can be enrolled in the practice tests via the Practice Online Tests link on Schools Online

Coonabarabran High School will organise on-line tests in the May/June testing period and the August / September testing period.

Students who need to participate in one or more of these tests will be advised in the next few weeks.


Mr J Eshman


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