D1 STEM mini Project

Students in D1 Science with Miss Rankmore had the opportunity to work on a mini STEM hands-on project called ‘Circuit Scribe’ this week. In this project, students used a conductive silver pen, power source (mini battery), a slider and an LED light to make a circuit. When the conductive pen was used correctly to join the parts and complete the circuit, the LED lights lit up. This follows up the unit on Electricity the students studied this semester.

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8 Ways of Aboriginal Learning

The 8 Ways of Aboriginal Learning mosaic pieces and woodburned pieces were presented to the local Coonabarabran Elders at a luncheon held at Coonabarabran High School on Wednesday,  7 November, run by Alison Stanton (AEO) and Craig Ashby (Aboriginal Studies teacher). These pieces were received very well, with the Elders commenting on the good workmanship of the students on each of the pieces. These artworks will be placed in various positions around the school in the coming weeks.

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