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8 Ways of Aboriginal Learning

The 8 Ways of Aboriginal Learning mosaic pieces and woodburned pieces were presented to the local Coonabarabran Elders at a luncheon held at Coonabarabran High School on Wednesday,  7 November, run by Alison Stanton (AEO) and Craig Ashby (Aboriginal Studies teacher). These pieces were received very well, with the Elders commenting on the good workmanship of the students on each of the pieces. These artworks will be placed in various positions around the school in the coming weeks.

Year 9/10 Aboriginal Studies class presentation to the Elders

Good afternoon everyone and thank you for coming and allowing our students to present to you all today. It means a lot to Mr Ashby, myself but most of all our students.

Today Year 9/10 Aboriginal Studies class will be presenting to you what they have been studying in class. They have been learning about Aboriginal and Oral Written Expressions, which were forms of communication used by Aboriginal Peoples before and after invasion. Students have focused on the different forms and have developed an understanding.

We have come together here today to celebrate and share with you a national celebration of Indigenous culture, stories and language “Because of Her we can.”

Today much of our opportunities are the result of hard work our Elders have done for us, so thank you.

Now we would like to share with you some of our stories and poems from our Year 9/10 Aboriginal studies class completing the study ‘Aboriginal Oral and Written Expressions’.

Thank You

Sista Speak to the Illawarra

Tuesday 30 October saw our Sista Speak girls board the bus to travel to the Illawarra region. The girls are from Yr 7 to Yr8 along with girls from Coonabarabran Public School  Yr5 to Yr6. Whilst there,  the girls have participated in a number of activities including: Leadership and Team building challenges, Cultural Activities led by Galamban.  Also some fun activities; canoeing, fishing, paddle boarding and bushwalking. Big thanks to Mrs Anna Atkinson, Miss Laurel Kuras(AEO) and Mr Wes Leedham for giving the Sista Girls this experience and Mrs Alison Stanton (AEO) in helping with the organisation.

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8 Ways of Aboriginal Learning

Students have been working hard on their most recent class project in Visual Arts in D1 this term. This project is a series of mosaic and wood-burning works, highlighting each of the 8 Ways of Aboriginal Learning. This work ties in with the Aboriginal Language program the students have started with school AEO, Alison Stanton. The project will be displayed in the Senior Quad area of the school, situated in between the last two completed projects, 6 Hats and Fish Philosophy. Each mosaic piece will be attached to a different sized piece of wood, giving the appearance of a garden of growing flowers.

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