Federation Day celebrated at Coonabarabran High School

Happy Federation Day from year 9! The cohort from Coonabarabran High School participated in a mock Federation Day on Wednesday 15 August, to wrap up their Making a Nation HSIE unit. Students created projects that investigated the daily lives of Australians in 1901. The projects were then displayed in the hall and partnered with a debate. A number of students represented the arguments of each state in their decision to federate. The perspectives presented were engaging and unique, as well as thoroughly researched. Students were highly creative in their endeavours and are to be congratulated on their active participation.

Fred reports……on Ancient China discovery

Year 7HSIE  are studying Ancient China and have recently been looking at the archaeological discovery of the terracotta warriors. Fred Kearney has written a news broadcast outlining how their discovery may have gone down….


In China, there has just been a ground breaking discovery of a mass grave filled with ancient Chinese clay. Tom reports.

“At this very site around five hours ago, three local farmers were trying to dig a well when they said they dug into a clay moulded head. When they raised the alarm that clay heads had been discovered, the local land council manager began scans. It is said that there could be approximately 300 warriors here! Work on this site will begin tomorrow morning, we will fill you in throughout the night. Back to the studio – thank you Tom!



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