Support Unit

Community Access

Throughout Term 1, students in the D7 Support Class have participated in Community Access. Once a fortnight, students with their grocery list, have walked to Woolworths to purchase items for cooking. Students are involved in creating the grocery list, selecting items to be purchased, and assisting with placing items through the register. As a class we prepare our ingredients, cook our meal and sit down at the dinner table to enjoy our feast together. Students have cooked a beef stir fry, decorated biscuits, prepared a mezze plate and baked several cakes. This has been a valuable learning experience for students, learning necessary life skills which can be transferred to the home environment.

Nicole Cottrill


Team building exercises are very important for the students in the Support Unit. Engaging students in a fun activity makes the learning even more effective. Students in D1 are seen here working together using a parachute to build their team skills.  Sharon Rankmore

Astronomy and Cosmology

Students have been working on Cosmology and Astronomy as their current unit in Science with Miss Rankmore. They have been studying how telescopes work and have been looking at major star constellations as a lead up to the Guinness World Record Stargazing Attempt at the High School this coming week. In this task, students drew the constellations, hammered in nails to hold the wool down and wrapped the wool around the nails to make the constellations, and then wood burned the title in.



D2 Technology

Students in D2 created wonderfully representative self-portraits in Term 1 and are now busy working on costume accessories for the school musical.  They are learning how easy it is to manipulate everyday materials and give them new life by transforming them into hats, masks and other interesting wearable items.


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