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D1’s Yumbox

Once a month, students in D1 Science participate in experiencing a ‘Yum Box’ – a box of different foods from a different country each month. Students are encouraged to try new things, predict what foods will be like, discuss how other country’s foods are similar or different to Australian foods, discuss different cultures and work respectfully together as a team. This project is linked to the Australian Curriculum ‘Intercultural Understanding’ outcomes. Some boxes are more popular than others – students (and teachers!) found the Taiwan box food quite different! However, food from Portugal, Brazil and England were all a big hit.

Emma Rankmore

D1 Technology

In our technology class we made a mechanical device called a “spin art machine” by following the instructions, then we experimented with different techniques to create these art works.

8 Ways of Aboriginal Learning

Students have been working hard on their most recent class project in Visual Arts in D1 this term. This project is a series of mosaic and wood-burning works, highlighting each of the 8 Ways of Aboriginal Learning. This work ties in with the Aboriginal Language program the students have started with school AEO, Alison Stanton. The project will be displayed in the Senior Quad area of the school, situated in between the last two completed projects, 6 Hats and Fish Philosophy. Each mosaic piece will be attached to a different sized piece of wood, giving the appearance of a garden of growing flowers.

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