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Bushfire Artworks

bushfire-artworksFollowing Mr Johnston’s explanation of which evacuation procedures we should follow in case of a bushfire, D1 and D3 students completed a painting/collage around this theme.

Students painted canvases in a sunset/sunrise colour, then when their canvases dried, painted on a blackened tree and scene which was inspired by a bushfire moving through a property. Students then painted a piece of art paper in bushfire colours and cut out flames shapes from this paper, which they then glued onto the canvas in a 3D style, ensuring the flames stood up off the canvas.

As you can see, this was a very successful artwork and group activity during their Visual Arts lessons in D1/D3. Students have been embracing Visual Arts this year and becoming quietly confident in this subject.

Support Unit News

w_daniel-and-willSupport Unit students and staff have been working on a mural in the D1/D3 quiet space area outside D2. This mural depicts the Kosta & Kalick 16 Habits of Mind of Highly Successful People. During Term 2 and 3 students developed much patience in using pokerwork/wood burning tools to create the individual symbols. The different styles of the creators has added to the overall charm of the mural and its presence will remind students of the ways of thinking that result in success.

A great day was had by all Support Unit students and staff who attended the Oz Tag day last Tuesday, and for two of our Year 8 students ZooSnooz was awesome.

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Taronga Zoomobile 

W_Zoomobile (3)
A thoroughly enjoyable experience to start off the day for students from Years 7 to 9 – interacting with Australian native animals. Kate brought a selection of animals – a pretty cute ring tail possum, an inquisitive echidna, a fine stick insect, a very light coloured blue tongue lizard (not like the ones we interact with in our back yard), a bright green frog and of course a python (just a ‘young un’ 2 metres long). We learnt about habitats and adaptations and we were able to ask lots of questions and touch most of the animals. On our way back to school we watched the echidna burrow into the ground outside the hall.
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