The study of English is central to the learning and development of students in NSW and is
a mandatory subject. The importance of English in the curriculum is a recognition of its role as the national language and increasingly as the language of international communication. Proficiency in English enables students to take their place as confident, articulate communicators, critical and imaginative thinkers and active participants in society.

English involves the study and use of language in its various textual forms, encompassing
written, spoken and visual texts of varying complexity, including the language systems of
English through which meaning is conveyed, interpreted and reflected.

The study of English enables students to recognise and use a diversity of approaches and
texts to meet the growing array of literacy demands, including higher-order social, aesthetic
and cultural literacy. This study is designed to promote a sound knowledge of the structure
and function of the English language and to develop effective English communication
skills. The English courses develop in students an understanding of literary expression and nurture an appreciation of aesthetic values. Through reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing and representing experience, ideas and values, students are encouraged to adopt a critical approach to all texts and to distinguish the qualities of texts. Students also develop English language skills to support their study at Stage 6 and beyond.

In Stage 6, students come to understand the complexity of meaning, to compose and
respond to texts according to their form, content, purpose and audience, and to appreciate
the personal, social, historical, cultural and workplace contexts that produce and value
them. Students reflect on their reading and learning and understand that these processes
are shaped by the contexts in which they respond to and compose texts.

The study of English enables students to make sense of, and to enrich, their lives in
personal, social and professional situations and to deal effectively with change. Students
develop a strong sense of themselves as autonomous, reflective and creative learners. The
English syllabus is designed to develop in students the faculty to perceive and understand their world from a variety of perspectives, and it enables them to appreciate the
richness of Australia’s cultural diversity.

The syllabus is designed to develop enjoyment of English and an appreciation of its value
and role in learning.

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