School Canteen

Coonabarabran High School offers a wide range of healthy foods through its Canteen. The Canteen is open at 8.30am.

There have been many changes implemented in the canteen with the introduction of a ‘fresh foods canteen’  well under way.  We have introduced many new food items on our menu that are tasty and much healthier.  The fresh foods program categorises food into RED AMBER and GREEN segments corresponding to their nutritional value.

RED or ‘sell occasionally’ foods are those that lack adequate nutrients and are high in saturated fats, sugar and/or salt.  An example of these foods on the new menu are items like our ice creams, chips and cakes.

AMBER or ‘select carefully’ foods are moderate in saturated fat, sugar and/or salt and are moderate in energy.  Some examples of these foods on our new menu are our hamburgers, fried rice and nachos.

GREEN or ‘fill the menu’ foods are drawn from the basic five food groups and are low in fat, sugar and/or salt and rich in nutrients.  Examples of these foods on the menu are our fresh fruit sticks, salad rolls and wraps and a whole range of low fat drinks.

We also have daily specials that will change from season to season. Summer Menu 2016/17

Canteen Roster Term 1, 2017

Don’t forget that volunteers are always welcome and are needed to keep this menu running, so come on in and see what is happening and lend a hand.  Please call the canteen on 6842 1904 to arrange a day that would suit you.  

Sue Hincks
Canteen Manager

Food allergy risk minimisation – Policy and procedure

Our Canteen has been featured in CANTEEN : A national publication for school canteens (Term 1, 2012)

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