Year 7 HSIE Board Game Presentations

As part of their Geography studies, Year 7 students at Coonabarabran High School have been studying Landscapes and Landforms. As part of their learning, students have been working in class to create board games about World Heritage Listed sites including places as diverse as Fraser Island, the Great Barrier Reef, the Blue Mountains, the Great Smoky Mountains, and Wadi El Hitan. In making their board games students needed to research why these locations were important, what threats were facing their site, and how these threats were being managed. Upon completion of their board games, students then enjoyed time to play each other’s games and gaining useful knowledge about their world.

Well Done Year 7!

Dr Michael Armstrong

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Consultation on proposed changes to Mobile Phone Policy

Despite the delays caused by recent circumstances, we had begun a consultation process on the future of mobile phones at our school. With the difficulties that occur with our policy of no phones in class but allowing them during recess and lunch, we are seeking to change the policy to one of no phones at school at all.

More details are available in the note below. We welcome feedback on this plan to be submitted via email to or via a box at the school office window, by Wednesday July 1.





Download (PDF, 779KB)

Last Day of Term – Year 12 Walkathon Fundraiser – July 3

With the current difficult current circumstances, Year 12 students have not been able to undertake fundraising in support of their formal. We have also not been able to hold whole school events such as the Athletics Carnival.

With these factors in mind we have decided to hold a Year 12 Walkathon fundraiser on Friday July 3, with all details in the note below:

Download (PDF, 383KB)


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