Aboriginal Studies

Aboriginal Studies is designed to foster intellectual, social and moral development by enabling students to think critically about the historical and contemporary experiences of Aboriginal peoples. Through this study students will develop a heightened understanding and
appreciation of the concepts of social justice and shared histories, and will critically examine
their role as active and informed citizens.
Aboriginal history and culture are fundamental to the development of Australian identity.
Aboriginal Studies acknowledges the contribution of Aboriginal cultures and communities to
Australian society.
Aboriginal Studies seeks to provide a body of knowledge that is both accurate and unbiased.
The course will provide students with ways of detecting and analysing bias in representations
of Aboriginal peoples.
Aboriginal Studies is a unique experience for both Aboriginal students and non-Aboriginal
students. Aboriginal students are provided with an opportunity for cultural affirmation and
positive educational experiences while non-Aboriginal students are able to ‘learn together’ with Aboriginal peoples and communities. All students are encouraged to take an active role in the process of reconciliation.
For all students, Aboriginal Studies provides a flexible structure to prepare for further
education, training and employment. Students will develop analytical skills, the ability to pursue independent research and the ability to develop coherent arguments.

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