School Uniform

The policy of the school and the community is that school uniform is compulsory at Coonabarabran High School. One of the features of the school is the adherence to the uniform code and the resultant positive impression that this creates. Students out of uniform must present a note to either the Boys’ Adviser (Mr Graham) or the Girls’ Adviser (Mrs Birrell) explaining the reason.

Consistent with DET policy, students may be excluded from certain school and school-based activities:

• if their clothing compromises agreed upon school community standards articulated in the school uniform requirements (below), and might be considered damaging to the image of the school in the larger community context;

• where the health and safety of the student or any other students, particularly as defined by occupational health and safety legislation, would otherwise be compromised.

Whilst a student will not be suspended solely for not wearing school uniform, ongoing non-compliance may be regarded as an infringement of the school’s student discipline policy.

GIRLS SUMMER UNIFORMJunior girls summer uniform

JUNIOR (Years 7 – 10)

UNIFORM: Short checked A-line centre pleat skirt (Style Pattern 4072)

Powder blue Midford shirt with embroidered school emblem

SOCKS: Plain White

SHOES: Black lace up

JUMPER: Navy (school colour) or the navy school sweater

SENIOR (Years 11 – 12)

UNIFORM: Check A-line centre pleat skirt

White shirt with embroidered school emblem

SHOES: Black lace up or brown sandals

JUMPER Same as junior years


JUNIOR (Years 7 – 10)

BLOUSE: White shirtmaker, long sleeves

SKIRT: Navy A-line, centre pleat (Style Pattern 4072) OR

SLACKS: Plain navy


SOCKS: White


SHOES: Black

SENIOR (Years 11 – 12)


SKIRT: Check A-line, centre pleat


SHOES: As for juniors

STOCKINGS/SOCKS: As for juniors

TIES: Worn during Term 2 and Term 3

The school jacket may be worn.

A school blazer is optional at any time during the year.

Junior girls summer uniform.

BOYS SUMMER UNIFORMBoys summer uniform


SHIRT: Royal Blue


JUMPER: Navy/Navy School sweater


SHOES: Black lace ups


SHIRT: White

TROUSER/SHORTS: College grey

JUMPER: Navy/Navy School sweater

SHOES: Black or brown lace ups

SOCKS: White


As for summer

Ties worn during Term 2 and Term 3.

The school jacket may be worn.

A school blazer is optional at any time during the year.


T-SHIRT: School Sports Shirt available from Grace’s Uniforms

SHORTS: Navy Blue with CHS embroidered on left leg (available at

Grace’s Uniforms and Peter Young’s Menswear.)


NAVY BLUE TRACKSUIT for cold weather and after training

Junior boys summer uniform.


* The full range of official uniforms are available from “Graces Uniforms”. Material and patterns available at “Hi-Fi Fashion Fabrics”. Certain items of uniform are available from other clothing stores including “Peter Young’s Menswear” and “Chalkies”.

* There is a Second-Hand Uniform Pool at the School. There is a P&C Co-ordinator. Orders and money to the office of the school. Used uniforms, that are still in good condition, can be sold through this uniform pool.

* All items of clothing should be clearly labelled with the student’s name.

* Blazers and ties are an optional item of uniform, and may be worn in summer or winter, and do much to promote the image of the school.

* It is recommended that students wear a school tie. Prefects are expected to wear a school tie at all times.

* School badges may be purchased from the office.

* Make-up, other than sunscreen, should not be worn.

The following items relate to legislated health and safety requirements:

• Jewellery, other than discreet sleepers or studs (earrings) should not be worn.

• Students must wear footwear with leather uppers for all practical classes. For safety reasons high heels and platforms are not acceptable. For further detail and images of acceptable footwear click here.

• When outdoors students are encouraged to wear hats.

Girls wearing short skirts, boys with their shirts hanging out & mobile phones are all unacceptable at Coona High.

Girls wearing short skirts, boys with their shirts hanging out & mobile phones are all unacceptable at Coona High.