Moorambilla 2014

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The 2014 Moorambilla Program was a huge success.  Incorporating over 200 performers, including the 180 remarkable regional voices in Moorambilla Voices (incorporating 50 of the youth ensemble MAXed OUT) along with professional musicians from Australia’s leading vocal ensemble, The Song Company; TaikOz drumming group and players from the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. This diverse and talented team performed in large-scale events in Baradine and Coonamble to capacity audiences, many of whom had travelled long distances for the opportunity to be involved.

The students involved from your school acquitted themselves remarkably and the praise they received for their behaviour, performance and commitment has been well deserved.

There were many comments about the superb level of their singing, dancing and drumming; their tremendous energy and focus in performance and how wonderful they looked on stage! You must be extremely proud of your young people and we hope they will join us again when we begin the celebration of our 10th Anniversary year of continuous delivery in the North West region in 2015. . We will be getting in touch with you regarding our locally based skill development workshops in March/April, the camps in August and the Performances in September. We hope that your school will be actively involved again in 2015 – it is our 10 year anniversary!

To really soak up the atmosphere and the experience of this year’s program the following sites give a good picture of events: Moorambilla Blog – Moorambilla Website – Moorambilla is excited about the ABC national documentary Outback Choir coming to TV later this year, and ABC radio will also be broadcasting the Gala Concert performance. You can find out all the details via our website.

Please celebrate your students’ fantastic engagement and achievement in this wonderful event. You may like to put some of the following photos in your newsletter. The photographer is David Smyth.

Thank you for your support and commitment to providing engaging and empowering education opportunities for your students.

Yours sincerely,

Michelle Leonard

Artistic Director, Moorambilla Voices

PO Box 495 Leichhardt NSW 2048

Ph: +61 448 80 89 03