Feast of Words – The 50 Word Novel

W_50 word novel winnersThe 50 Word Novel competition was entered by 94 students. The theme for this year was ‘disaster’. The winner of the junior section was Amelia Rose-Watt (Year 8) and our senior winner was Leah Murray (Year 11). The runners-up were: Brad Fuller (Year 7), Jace Weatherall (Year 7), Daisy Andrews (Year 11) and Tyler Watson (Year 10). Our staff winner this year was Emma Rankmore.

Winning Entries

The Bush

I was the bush, she was the fire.

She reduced me to dust, it’ll take time to help me grow again but even now there are still traces of her massacre.

It started slow and small and then as the fire grew, so did she.

Now I am the ashes.

Amelia Rose-Watt (Junior Winner -Year 8)

Milking Time

Every morning before dawn, that’s when they come. Every day they take us to the chambers with the spine-chilling equipment. We all go at the same time. Fifteen minutes of cold, horrifying, mechanical suckling. I stand and stare into the dark abyss of his eyes. I exist only for them.

Leah Murray (Senior Winner  – Year 11)

Muddy Scrawl

‘This is where the water came to.’

She halted the car, pointed up impossibly high. Her eyes dark against an even darker sky.

My eyes followed her shaking hand.

I saw the line, muddy scrawl on the side of the broken building.

‘Insurance won’t cover it, they said.’

‘I’m ruined.’

Emma Rankmore (Staff Winner)


Footy training

I ran

I jumped for a try, landed on my shoulder




Driven to hospital



Fractured collarbone

Left hospital with a sling

Difficult to sleep


Get dressed

Three weeks later

Starting to heal

Getting back to my usual old self again.

Brad Fuller (Junior Runner-Up – Year 7)

Who pressed the Button?

Someone pressed the button, the ground started shaking. Everything was falling. It was the biggest earthquake in China’s history.

Dead and injured lay everywhere. There was silence as the ground stopped shaking. The emergency services arrived and helped the injured.

Finally, the police arrested the man who had pressed the button.

Jace Weatherall (Junior Runner-Up – Year 7)

My Natural Disasters

It is 2018. The age of eyebrows has ended. I am the last of a dying race. Around me, seas of plucked, waxed, tattooed, coloured and defined brows suffocate me. Some are voluptuous lumps and others, barely there. I, however, still proudly call my arches natural. Others call them ‘disasters’.

Daisy Andrews (Senior Runner-Up – Year 11)

A Gentle Snowflake

The cold wind bit my fingertips and my legs collapsed under my frozen body.

I now lay in the frozen blanket that was slowly closing in on me. The wind whistled over my numb face whilst my whole body slowly faded into history.

“I’m just another fossil to dig up.”

Tyler Watson (Senior Runner-Up – Year 10)