National Nutrition Week

16-22 October 2016

Coonabarabran High School students enthusiastically supported National Nutrition Week, an initiative of the organisation Nutrition Australia.

We are increasingly warned about the rise in the number of people who suffer from diet related diseases and how these diseases impact on the individual’s health and general wellbeing, not to mention the strain the illnesses place on our health system.  Changes in our lifestyle are blamed for this epidemic. For example, Australians are now far less active than previous generations and consume far more processed foods that are high in fat and sugar and are incredibly energy dense.

To raise awareness of some simple strategies that they can adopt to improve their diet, and hence their general wellbeing, the students were set daily challenges.  That is:

Monday – Choose water as your drink

Tuesday – Eat at least ONE piece of fruit

Wednesday – Eat breakfast

Thursday – Eat a RAINBOW

Friday – No added sugar

Additionally, two competitions were run throughout the week.  Approximately fifty students entered a poster competition promoting healthy eating and the winners were:

First prize – Alana Lawrence (Yr 11)

Great Poster awards – Ellenah Wall (Yr 7) / Ty & Jayde Sim (Yr 7)

Group Poster – John Martin, Amy Harris, Molly Sutherland and Tameka McGlashan (Yr7)

Fifteen students entered the ‘design a baguette or wrap’ competition, run by the SRC.  Five baguettes/wraps were selected from the entries and following a two week trial period the best seller will be added to the canteen menu.

A big ‘thank you’ must be extended to Sue Hincks and her band of helpers who supported National Nutrition Week by; promoting the sale of water, making magnificent fruit skewers (which were so popular they continued to make them beyond the organised Tuesday menu) and allowing the SRC to run the baguette/wrap competition.

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