Upper Hunter Beef Bonanza

From the 20th to the 23rd of October, Coonabarabran High School students attended The Upper Hunter Beef Bonanza for the sixth year in a row.  The weather was milder and wetter than usual with the judging day recording 20 mm making getting around very wet and boggy. The school was represented by 8 students and 5 steers all carefully prepared by Ms Hawkins over the year. The steers were successful in most of their classes with 3 out the 5 steers reaching the top 5 in their led classes and top 10 in their carcass results. Following is the report, written by Georgia Jackson of Year 8, who was one of the participants at the Show:

We recently had the opportunity to go away as the Coonabarabran High Livestock Show Team, representing our school and the wider community at the Upper Hunter Beef Bonanza. We got to learn from some of the most experienced people in the beef industry from NSW. On arrival we unpacked and prepared our steers for the next 3 days; this included washing them and laying their bedding. On Friday, we attended a series of workshops on how to groom, judge and parade cattle. All of these workshops helped us further prepare for the next 2 days of competition.

We began and ended each day feeding and giving water to our steers. On Saturday, the judging day for the steers and paraders, the day started with a lot of rain. This did not stop the day from going ahead. We led our steers into the ring and led them out with a 2nd, a 5th and a Highly Commended. We then all went on to parading, competing with schools from across the state. That evening all 800 students participated in the Interactive Judging. This was very educational as we got to hear the opinion of other students that are interested in Agriculture and also had the privilege of hearing from some of the best in the industry. On Sunday, we competed in Junior Judging workshops looking at steers, heifers and bulls. Then it was back to the stalls to pack up and head home.

A big thankyou to Mrs Hawkins, Ms Webb and Mrs (more than a bus driver) McEvoy, without all your hard work and dedication, this trip would not have been possible.

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