Professor Will Christie Lectures

The love of literature was at the heart of lectures conducted by Professor Will Christie when he visited the school on Friday 3rd March. Formally the head lecturer from the English Literature Department at the University of Sydney, Professor Christie is now the Director of the Humanities Research Centre at ANU.

As such, we are always thrilled and ever in awe of his ability to present new ideas to our students, and to make them think about further possibilities when studying their texts. Lectures included exploring the prose and poetry of James Joyce and Seamus Heaney (or ‘what literature says about being Irish’), the documentary of Simon Nasht about Australian photographer Frank Hurley and the concept of Discovery, as well as the war poetry of Wilfred Owen. Professor Christie ended the day, as one does, with an informal discussion of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Professor Christie has a longstanding relationship with Coonabarabran High School, visiting as he does every year to speak with our students. His visit came at an important time for our Year 12 students, as beginning on Friday 10th March they will be completing their Half Yearly Examinations. The day was exceedingly enjoyable and offered an insight into texts and concepts that had our students (and teachers attending the lectures) engaged and ticking ideas over in their heads. A lovely, studious way to the end a week!