The Supernova Star Squad crushes it at the South Pacific Regionals!

“What an amazing experience!” “How cool were some of the robots” “I am so tired but I had a great time”, “I learnt so much”, “Everyone was so helpful and friendly” are just some of the quotes from the Supernova Star Squad  regarding their experience at the FIRST Robotics Competition held in Sydney last weekend.

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Everyone was fantastic supporting the team in their individual roles including the scouting team, the pit crew, our Personal Relations group, OIC of Battery Charging, the fabulous Co-Safety Officers, the magnificent mascot, the badge collectors, D-Jay and our amazing Drive Team, who deserve special mention given the high pressure nature of the role and the fact that they were driving the robot for the first time at the tournament! (Angus needs a well-deserved break).

The team’s strength was their ability to problem solve and ‘get back on the horse’ after every robot disaster. They improved so much over the tournament.

Thanks to Harry, Hannah and Cobey for their gallant efforts presenting for the prestigious Chairman’s Award, Mr Rayner for driving the bus, and Carl, Shannon and Josh for supporting us throughout the build and the tournament.

Stay tuned for Team 6476 at the Duel Down Under in July!