Successful Moorambilla Students 2018


Successful Moorambilla Students for 2018

During Term 1 a group of students participated in the annual Moorambilla Skills Workshop. Following this workshop, a group of 31 students have been offered positions in this year’s Moorambilla workshop and concert program.  The names of the successful students are as follows:

Alexander McWhirter                 Felicity Maher                                 Bianca Bragg

Monique Bragg                         Clover Hippisley                              Lila Strong

Amelia Hadfield                       Amy Maher                                      Artemis Pech

Mya Stone                               Emily Wallace                                  Annabelle Park

Amali Edmondstone                 Tully Andrews                                  Hunter Andrews

Liam Russell                            Rory Allerton                                    Rhiannon Robinson

Jezekiah Brown                        Amy Habbits                                    Max Hollis

Rachael Evans                         Benton Ernest                                  Josie Bartlett

Nikita Trindall                          Sha’e Davis                                     Polly Habbits

Molly Shannon                         Laura Williams                                 Genevieve Abbott

India Rosewarne

Well done to all of these students! As all of the registrations for the Moorambilla program have to be done online, students can see Mrs Rossler if they need assistance with accessing a computer and/or the Internet. We will organise a session after school before 1 June 2018 for students to complete the registration online at school.  Aimee Rossler