Experiences of The Real Mulan – a diary entry by Declan Eshman

How dare they! Father is too old for such violence! If only… I was a boy. I could serve in his place, I could save my family, the grief of the loss of a father. He had already served for so long, why burden him with this? Maybe… just maybe I could… I can.

The ground is tougher than rock, when it’s not it’s more muddy and bogged than anything. The air either rips and tears the moisture from your throat or clings to the lungs as tar would. The training! Oh it breaks your bones, and scrapes your feet bare… but I still don’t regret it, every labour I endure is a labour father does not have to. I love him and mother… love them more than anything.

The plates of armour feel heavy against my aching back. Days of marching ahead make everyone grumpy. It’s more painful than most things. Food is also scarce, and only the bare necessities are given to each soldier, no meat only rice. Although, the general doesn’t get much better.

I will stay strong for my parents, for my family! I will be strong for them, for father, I will endure.