Success for Year 9/10 Debating!


On Wednesday  3  August the Year 9/10 debating team and Mrs Birrell travelled  two and a half hours to Trangie to complete two debates against  Trangie teams A and B. As usual the road trip in the school car was great with the kids decorating the car with mintie streamers, there was lots of singing and of course the windmill competition.

We arrived at 9.30am and got right down to business. The topics were handed out for the first debate which was about Politics. The question was ‘Should voting be voluntary?’ After the coin toss we were the negative side and went in to lockdown for preparation time. We came out ready for a good argument.  Trangie team A had some excellent arguments but our team spoke for the allocated time with Harry being rung out as he reached the nine minute mark, which was fantastic. At  the end of this we were awarded this debate.

Trangie provided a lovely morning tea before we tossed for the next debate. This was a sport topic and the question was ‘That the police should prosecute sports players who cause injuries through dangerous play.’ We again received the negative side which was a bit challenging. The Trangie team B were good opponents and blasted us with some good arguments, however, we were just that bit better especially in the rebuttal winning this debate as well. The adjudicator was Mrs Janice Monk who travelled over for the day from Dubbo.   She gave the students some valuable feedback which the students took on board. Some of the team approached her for more guidance and hints. Mrs Monk  was very happy to oblige them.

Unfortunately our team lost  their debate at Regional final  but Harry Williams has been selected for the regional team to compete in Sydney.