Year 10 has been to the Snow!!

We left school at 10am on Sunday, after an hour wait because Mr Stewart helped a damsel in distress whose car had broken down. When he got on the bus, everyone clapped. The nine hour bus trip was fairly uneventful; however some of us played Celebrity Heads which was pretty funny. The more people that joined in, the louder the game became.
On the first night we arrived at 6pm and went straight to our accommodation and had dinner. After that, we went and got our skis, snowboards and snow gear and then went to our rooms for the night. None of us got much sleep as we talked until the late hours. Sorry to the accommodation for using up all the power to charge our phones – we even had to share power points, which was a bit rough.

The next morning we woke up and waited for people to get organised – however, some of us are VERY early risers and had to wait a bit longer for everyone to wake up and get ready. We had breakfast, got ready, put on our snow gear and travelled up the mountain. We arrive to a picture perfect day – super cold, but clear blue sky and no wind. Hannah grabbed some snow as soon as she was able to and started throwing it at each other! It was really, REALLY cold, so we went inside and waited for the train to take us up the slopes.
When we got there, we went to our first lesson (either skiing or snowboarding, whichever we had chosen to do) which went for about an hour, and then we had some free ski time. Some students didn’t understand that they didn’t have the required skill level for some of the slopes, which resulted in some people spending more time lying in the snow than skiing or snowboarding!
After a full day on the slopes, we got back on the bus and everyone as complaining about their ‘ouchies’. We went back to our accommodation and had dinner. People then stayed up a bit as bedtime wasn’t until later. We had a bit of a chat with students from other schools – lots of snapchat swapping went on that evening!
After very little sleep again for some, day two happened. This was a similar day to day one, with lessons and some free ski time. The weather was MUCH colder on this day – some students couldn’t handle the cold and decided to stay inside the resort and drink hot chocolates (which were EXPENSIVE!!!! $$$). We had a snowball fight and Jez killed a snowman that Daniel had made. We also had a snowball fight with Mr Shand – we are unsure who came out victorious, however Mr Shand did get hit a few times… thanks for your good humour, Mr Shand! Just before we were due to go home, Hayley and Georgia got stuck on the chairlift for 10 minutes because some kid fell off the lift at the top. Day two evening was much the same, with some partying and music involved.
Day three was our home trip – much sleeping on the bus, playing music and nursing our ‘ouchies’. Mr Shand entertained us with his microphone skills, surprising us all.
Many thanks go to Mr Stewart, Mr Shand, Mrs Nash, Narelle and Remi for a wonderful trip!
Year 10 Students


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