More Success for Tom Bowman

Last month Year 10 student Tom Bowman was selected to represent NSW Combined High Schools in the sport of Bowls.  As part of this State team, Tom travelled to Melbourne to play in an exchange series against a team representing Victorian schools at a three day carnival.  On the first day the two state squads were divided into teams of 5 who then played against all other teams.  After all games Tom’s team progressed through to the final, which they won to be overall champions and received the gold medal.  The second day’s competition was along similar lines with teams competing in a 4’s competition.  Again Tom’s team was successful which secured him a second gold medal.  The last day was the Triples competition where Tom’s team was placed 3rd, earning a Bronze medal.  This competition was viewed as a National Schools’ Championship which means Tom is now a dual national schools champion.

Congratulations to Tom on his ongoing dedication and success in the sport of Bowls.