Celebration Sing Out!

Six students accompanied Miss Di Suthons to the annual Celebration Sing Out! performance in the Sydney Town Hall. Milly Toynton, Emma Toynton, Artemis Pech, Liam Russell, Lachlan Eshman and Molly Shannon rehearsed choir pieces including “Carmina Burana” under the guidance of Miss Suthons in the weeks leading up to the performance.

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They set off for Sydney on Friday 26 October and attended rehearsals in the Town Hall on Saturday and Sunday. The final performance took place on Sunday night. The massed choir consisted of 800 singers and they we accompanied by a symphony orchestra. The purpose of the concert is to raise funds for the Music Therapy unit at Westmead Children’s Hospital. Liam Russell was asked to sing a solo at the beginning of the “Boy from Oz” medley – a lovely recognition of his vocal talent!

We’d like to thank Miss Suthons for her time and effort in rehearsing with the students and taking them to Sydney.

Aimee Rossler