Best Start Year 7 Assessment

Our school will participate in Best Start Year 7, an online literacy and numeracy assessment available to secondary schools at the start of Term 1, 2019.

Our school will participate in Best Start Year 7 testing during the week of 25 February, 2019.

Best Start Year 7, undertaken within the first five weeks of the school year, assesses key literacy and numeracy skills of Year 7 students. It is designed to assist teachers to identify students who may require additional support in developing their literacy and numeracy skills.

Best Start Year 7 is just one of a range of assessments the school uses to assess students.

Please inform the school if your child has special needs requiring support to complete an online assessment.

Optional advice:

Students will be asked to bring headphones or earbuds that plug into a computer to enable them to hear audio during the assessment. Earbuds used for phones or other portable devices may be suitable for use during the assessment. The type of computer connection needed is a jack or USB. Please let us know if your child needs earbuds provided by the school.


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