HSC English Lectures

On Friday 15th February, Coonabarabran High School had the great privilege to host a day of HSC English lectures featuring the combined talents of Jane Sherlock and Deb McPherson. These two lecturers are experienced classroom teachers, HSC markers and have also worked with various government departments concerned with the English syllabus.

The idea to host the lectures in Coonabarabran late last year when the school had to reconsider sending students to a study day in Sydney: it was decided that bringing the lecturers to us made more sense given that HSC time is precious, and such a move was also designed to reduce costs for students. Not only was it a great day of learning for the students involved, but HSC English teachers also gained important information regarding the process of the new HSC in their discussions with Jane and Deb, who were very generous with their time and resources.

Students were involved in various workshops throughout the day, focusing not just on knowledge of prescribed texts, but also on those vitally important examination skills with students completing writing exercises and gaining immediate feedback for their ideas. Given that 2019 brings in the new HSC format for the HSC English courses studied at the school, this day has been an important event in the learning process for those students meeting the challenges presented by HSC study and the examinations which formally end their school learning. English teachers are seeing a greater confidence in their students as a result of the experience, which is great to evidence.

The English faculty would like to thank the students for their positive engagement in the day.