50 Word Novels

The 50 word novel competition was again a success with most students and many teachers working on this year’s theme, silver. Each year we select two entries from the junior school (Years 7, 8 ,9) and the senior school (Year 10, 11, 12), one highly commended and one overall winner. The results of this year’s 50 word novel competition are:

Junior School: Highly Commended – Ayla Hoffmann; Overall Winner – Ava Hippisley

A Frozen Heart by Ayla Hoffmann

Her heart is as hard and as cold as silver, slowly sinking deeper into darkness.

She pushes everyone away and locks her feelings inside.

The pain in her chest gets worse every day but she doesn’t care.

She pushes forward not worrying about her feelings, saying she’ll never love again.


The Milky Way by Ava Hippisley

“Warrambul,” the elder says, “the Milky Way in the stars, as silver as it’s ever been, shines the night away, until the sun comes around and brings light to day. But still there’s the Milky Way, dancing like swinging leaves in the water. The Milky Way shines forever for you.”

Senior School: Highly Commended – Bill Dare; Overall Winner – Cobey Smith


The Sword by Bill Dare

It shone like a diamond in a case, so beautiful.

It zinged and zoomed through the air like a bird in the wind.

Sharp enough to make even the strongest of armour look like paper.

This sword perfectly crafted of silver that had such ornate drawings on it.



The Forgotten Screams by Cobey Smith

Look at them,

Dining in their castles,

While we, the forgotten,

Become a mere thought.

Why must one’s worth

Be defined by their birth?

I can hear it. Can you?

Whispers becoming screams

Rumours becoming an uprising.

You were fed by the silver spoon,

And that will be your doom.


Staff Winner: Tina Pech

We See You by Tina Pech

You are the foundations

Of dreams,

Creators of reality,

Shining examples,

Blazing a silver trail of

Successful invisibility

Behind you.