Mark Walton visit and Concert


Mark Walton together with the Café Latte orchestra visited Coonabarabran High School on Wednesday 10 April. Mark has been teaching nine students via Skype every Monday, Wednesday and Friday since last year and on Wednesday, the students had the first opportunity this year to have a face-to-face lesson with Mark. The students – Megan Hain, Ellah Bowmaker, Olivia Meier, Monique Bragg, Sam Pickette, Declan Eshman, Riley Fleming, Caleb Smith and Alexander McWhirter – each had an individual lesson with Mark.

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In the evening, these nine students, the CHS Jazz Band as well as other CHS music students performed in a concert in the school hall. There were some lovely performances and all students should be congratulated not only on their performances, but also their preparation and commitment. The members of the Jazz Band in particular have been giving up many lunch times to get ready for their performance and should be commended for their time and effort. All the students who participated did the school proud. Mark ended the concert with a beautiful performance of some pieces included in one of the books he published. The CHS Jazz Band then performed a piece entitled Pokare Ana (arranged by Mark) together with the Café Latte orchestra. A huge thank you goes to Mark and the Café Latte orchestra for stopping in Coonabarabran on their tour to Broken Hill, and for making the time to work with the students.

The students who performed in the concert are as follows:

Milly Smith, Tashani Clarke, Larni Smith, Matilda Pickette, Olivia Meier, Megan Hain, Ellah Bowmaker, Monique Bragg, Declan Eshman, Sam Pickette, Riley Fleming, Caleb Smith, Alex McWhirter, Lachlan Eshman, Lawrance Little, Lachlan Meier, Shafin Salim, Bill Dare, Blake Murnane, Jayden Moore, Felicity Maher, Liam Russell and Vance McDonald


Aimee Rossler