Coonabarabran High School Athletics Carnival 2019

Age Champions 2019 (L to R): Connor Hughes, Amarlee Vallette, Octavia Whale, Melinda Ryan, Lachlan Eshman, Alex Robinson, Declan Eshman, Amelia Hadfield, Kurt Rutter, Shae Boyd, Matilda Pickette, Jacob Baker.

The Annual Coonabarabran High Athletics carnival was held on Tuesday  11 and Wednesday  12  June in glorious sunny winter conditions. The students who participated were full of positive energy, urging each other on to do their best for their house.

The conditions were great, which was reflected in the number of records broken:

  • Kurt Rutter 13yrs Javelin 31.20
  • Charlotte Thompson 13yrs Javelin 19.85
  • Madison Heywood 16yrs Javelin 25.23
  • Shae Davis 15yrs Shot Put 9.70
  • Willmie Van Schalkwyk 16yrs Shot Put 9.37


There were many tight contests during the day making the age champions highly contested. The eventual winners were:

12yrs   Matilda Pickette          Jacob Baker

13yrs   Shae Boyd                   Kurt Rutter

14yrs   Amelia Hadfield          Declan Eshman

15yrs   Amarlee Vallette         Alex Robinson

16yrs   Melinda Ryan              Lachlan Eshman

Senior  Octavia Whale            Connor Hughes


The house points had a clear winner due to the dedication of some hard working house captains who rallied their troops to squeeze the maximum out of entry points. 4th Mopra, 3rd Timor, 2nd Nandi, 1st Tibuc. We congratulate all students who entered any event and wish good luck to those who will go on to represent our school at the North West Carnival in Tamworth on Friday 2 August.