Make Music Australia 21 June 2019   

Vance McDonald

As part of the Make Music Australia Day event, five students provided some live music at Lunch on Friday 21 June 2019. The idea behind this day is to have as many free music-making events happening on one day as possible and to build a community of music makers.

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The concept of a “musical holiday” originated in France in 1982. The original idea was to have a day where music would be performed free of charge all around cities and towns. Last year, over 800 cities around the world threw citywide music celebrations on June 21. The Make Music festival is celebrated in more than 800 cities in 120 different countries. The event was run in Australia in 2018 for the first time and saw over 100 events in 80 locations on the 21 June. This year, Coonabarabran High School participated in Make Music Australia Day by presenting a Live Music at Lunch event. The five students who participated were: Liam Russell, Angus Lambert, Lachlan Meier, Vance McDonald and Blake Murnane. The students did a fabulous job in providing 40 minutes of music. A big thank you also goes to Mr Armstrong for setting up the sound for us. Our event has been registered on the Make Music Australia website and can be viewed at

 Mrs Aimee Rossler