Science & Engineering Challenge

Science & Engineering Challenge Team

On the 28th of August, 32 Year 9 and 10 Students from Coonabarabran High School competed in the University of Newcastle Science and Engineering Challenge. This was the State Final of the competition, within which students in teams of four competed in multiple tasks and challenges to earn points, which were then combined to contribute to the school score. These tasks were activities such as using limited materials to build model mars rovers and bridges, managing energy networks efficiently and other such challenges. These tasks and activities also provided students with opportunities to build teamwork skills and resilience during strenuous problem-solving activities, proving to be a positive contribution for those students on their eventual way to undertaking their HSC subjects. Students also enjoyed the opportunity to visit a big city. All our teams performed at a high standard. The CHS team faced stiff competition, including from schools such as James Ruse, coming in sixth position out of eight. ​

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