Prefect Induction Ceremony

L-R: Lachlan Meier (C), Hannah Meier (C), Harry Williams (VC), Meg Walton (VC), Jemma Worth, Cobey Smith, Annabelle Shannon, Breanna Menz, Connor Hughes-Tincknell, Anna Goard, Liam Caine, Luke Bonello

This year we were fortunate enough the have twenty three Year 11 students nominate for the role of prefect. The following 12 students were elected as prefects;

Luke Bonello, Liam Caine, Anna Goard, Connor  Hughes, Breanna Menz, Annabelle Shannon, Cobey Smith, Jemma Worth.

Our Vice Captains; Meg Walton and Harry Williams

Our Captains; Hannah Meier and Lachlan Meier

Congratulations to all who nominated and congratulations to those elected.

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