Far Out Science

The 5:45am start wasn’t enough to turn off our select group of Year 7 and 8 Science enthusiasts and the day trip to Armidale was well worth it. The students were treated to a day of discovery, investigations, gory wounds and blob monsters.

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The group started the day testing their meat science skills by making and cooking beef patties; who knew the thought that goes into a tasty patty? The students then conquered the world of coding; with everyone managing to code their way out of the blob monster maze and into the Sports Science laboratory. In the Sports Science lab the students tested their strength, fitness and dizziness factor. The day didn’t end so well in the Biology Lab unfortunately, with everyone in the group sustaining horrible minor cuts and lacerations. Luckily they all made speedy recoveries and were well enough for afternoon tea and socks at Macca’s. A big thanks to Narelle for driving the bus!