Band Link workshops in Narrabri

Eight Coonabarabran High School students attended the annual Band Link workshops and concerts in Narrabri from 3 to 5 December. The students who participated were: Megan Hain (clarinet), Claire Butcher (clarinet), Clover Hippisley (clarinet), Riley Fleming (saxophone), Ellah Bowmaker (clarinet), Shafin Salim (percussion), Monique Bragg (clarinet) and Sophie Bunting (flute).

They travelled to Narrabri three consecutive days and participated in a band workshop and tutorials. The combined band had a total of 130 musicians. Experienced tutors sat alongside the band members and assisted them, but also led tutorials in which they provided small-group tuition. All eight students had a fabulous time and learnt heaps of new things. Clover, Shafin and Megan participated in an extra workshop for more advanced players as well. On Wednesday night, the combined band, as well as the advanced band, performed a programme of works for parents. They repeated this concert the next day for a group of school students. The eight CHS students should be congratulated on their beautiful behaviour, hard work and the enthusiasm with which they approached this event.


Aimee Rossler