Computational and Algorithmic Thinking (CAT) and Australian Mathematics competition 2019 awards

Back Row: L-R: Shafin Salim, Alex Letts, Bethany Freeman, Oliver O’Neill Front Row: L-R: Declan Eshman, Fred Kearney, Lachlan Eshman, Harry Williams Absent: Tristan Nielsen

Mathematics Competition Results for the CAT (Computational and  Algorithmic Thinking) and Australian Mathematics Competition 2019.

Year 7 CAT Math
Tristan Nielsen Participation Credit
Oliver O’Neill Participation
Year 8
Declan Eshman Credit Distinction
Fred Kearney Participation Proficiency
Alex Letts Credit Credit
Shafin Salim Participation Proficiency
Year 10
Lachlan Eshman Participation Credit
Year 11
Bethany Freeman Proficiency
Harry Williams Participation Credit

Congratulations to all participants, a very pleasing set of results for their efforts. Special mention to Declan Eshman for achieving a Credit in the CAT and a Distinction in the Mathematics Competition and Alex Letts for achieving a Credit in both.

Jason Eshman.