Mark Walton visit

Mark Walton visited Coonabarabran High School during the school holiday on Thursday 16 July and Friday 17 July. Mark travelled all the way from Sydney to Coonabarabran to catch up with and teach his Skype students. Every week, Mark teaches 11 CHS students via short Skype lessons but this time students had 25-minute face-to-face lessons. The students who had the individual lessons were Megan Hain, Ellah Bowmaker, Olivia Meier, Claire Butcher, Sam Bowman, Declan Eshman, Riley Fleming, Caleb Smith, Clover Hippisley and Alexander McWhirter.

During the period of remote learning, Mark continued to teach all of his students via either short Skype lessons or telephone lessons at home. We are deeply grateful to Mark for his dedication and the amazing work he is doing with our students, even throughout all of the disruptions this year. Our students are so lucky to have him as teacher/mentor!

Aimee Rossler

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