D7 Garden

Mrs Houley, Tabitha and Will working on the D7 garden.

Over the past 12 months, D7 students have teamed up with Mrs Cottrill, Mrs Houley, Ms Rankmore and the sustainability grant to update our garden area outside the D7 classroom.

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Students have laid artificial turf and pavers to create a seating area. Ms Rankmore purchased new floor cushions for students to enjoy when learning outside. Students also worked together to build a new swing to be utilised when they need time to self regulate. And, with equity funding in 2021 we have just added an additional 2 egg chairs. Swinging helps students with autism regulate their behaviours, helps students feel safe, and helps to calm their overly stimulated senses.
Students have worked tirelessly to plant seedlings, water produce and harvest vegetables and herbs from their hard work.
Students have grown carrots, which were used in The Breadknife Cafe’s famous carrot cake, spinach, tomatoes, rocket, mint, coriander, onions, spring onions and chives. Students have enjoyed the process of planting and watching their produce grow, and being able to eat what they’ve grown.
Both teachers and students find this a relaxing area. Our D7 garden has become an area for students to work outside, to sit and relax and enjoy the rural outlook.
In 2021, we look forward to completing the mural on the outside of the building. This will be the final process in the beautification of the D7 garden.