HSC Music Study Day

Blake Murnane, Declan Eshman, Tashani Clarke and Lawrance Little

On Friday 4 June, the four HSC Music students – Blake Murnane, Lachlan Eshman, Tashani Clarke and Lawrance Little – attended the HSC Music Study Day at Oxley High School in Tamworth. The students participated in workshops focusing on Aural skills, Performance preparation, Improvisation and Viva Voce. Included in this workshop was a vocal session during which students harmonised chords to help develop pitch skills. During the last session, all four students had the opportunity to perform one of their HSC performance pieces and they received useful feedback from the presenters to guide their further preparation. It was an absolute pleasure to take these students to the Study Day and they represented Coonabarabran High School with pride. All in all, it was a very constructive day!

Aimee Rossler