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Wear it Purple Day and the importance of getting to class on time!

As part of our Wear it Purple Day celebrations, students participated in a group “Jenga” activity run by Mr Graham to illustrate the importance of getting to class on time and not disrupting other students. One by one groups of students removed a block from the tower, showing how precarious classroom harmony could be and how we need to all work together. Much fun was had by all!

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Tools for Success – A Big thank you to Inland Rail from Supernova Star Squad

Coonabarabran High School’s Robotics Team, ‘Supernova Star Squad’, although very disappointed that this year’s tournaments were cancelled, were excited to find out that they were one of the successful applicants for an Inland Rail Community Sponsorships and Donations Program grant.

The Inland Rail grant has provided the team with much-needed high-quality hand and power tools, and storage equipment. The tools were sourced locally with the help from the supportive staff at Roach’s Hardware and will come in very handy when building a robot.

The team is very excited about competing in next year’s tournaments and have already been enjoying the use of the new ‘fancy’ tools and can’t wait to see what they can achieve with them.
A big thank you to Inland Rail for supporting STEM in small communities!

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