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Medieval Music Incursion

UPDATE: Now with video, click below to view.

Mr Armstrong’s Year 8 History class have been studying the Medieval period. On Friday 12 March they were treated to a Medieval Music Incursion – led by former staff members, Mr Paul Armstrong and Miss Di Suthons. It was a wonderfully enriching lesson for all.

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Year 7 Welcome BBQ

The Year 7 Welcome BBQ provided a great opportunity for parents and teachers of Year 7 students as well as executive members of staff, to acquaint themselves with one another as well as providing a valuable forum for important information to be communicated with parents. Parents also enjoyed a BBQ dinner as well the opportunity to inspect our impressive facilities. Students enjoyed the opportunity to demonstrate bunsen burners to their parents as well as to have a go at the flight simulator. A great night was had by all.

Hugh Deasey

Year 7 students help clean up Coonabarabran

On Friday 5 March, Year 7 students from Coonabarabran High School spent the afternoon cleaning up sections of the Castlereagh river near the Mary Jane Cain bridge. Amongst the interesting items which were cleaned from both the river and the banks were a microwave, a fridge and a shopping trolley. After the hard work they enjoyed a well earned BBQ. It was good to note the positive community feedback both in person and on social media.

Hugh Deasey

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