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AMEB Music Exams

Ellah Bowmaker, Megan Hain, Clover Hippisley, Declan Eshman, Alex McWhirter, Sam Bowman and Riley Fleming

Seven Music students who are currently having Skype lessons with Mark Walton completed their AMEB Online Video Repertoire Music Exams earlier this term. The students are as follows: Alex McWhirter – Grade 3 Trumpet; Ellah Bowmaker and Megan Hain – Grade 2 Clarinet; Sam Bowman – Grade 1 Saxophone; Riley Fleming – Grade 2 Saxophone; Clover Hippisley – Grade 3 Clarinet; Declan Eshman – Grade 4 Saxophone. All these students put a huge amount of work into their preparation and spent many hours rehearsing after school and on weekends – that’s apart from having Skype lessons during their lunch times. The recording process also involved quite a few hours of work after school hours and these students should be commended for their hard work. A HUGE thank you goes to Mark Walton, who has not only taught the students, but who has – and continues to – inspire them to do their best.

Aimee Rossler

9/10 Debating Team 2020

Alex Letts, Laura Williams, Shafin Salim and Declan Eshman

The 9/10 Debating Team for 2020 consisted of Year 9 students; Laura Williams, Alex Letts, Declan Eshman and Shafin Salim. We had many close debates, and Coonabarabran put up insightful and thoughtful arguments each round. We faced some challenging and controversial topics in each round of debating. The team fought hard under difficult circumstances with the debates being held via Zoom only. The 9/10 Debating Team finished our debating season with a 2/3 win record and should be commended for their perseverance and dedication. The team were able to accept feedback with maturity and the ability to implement what they learned in the rounds that followed. The team represented the school to the highest degree and should be congratulated for their efforts. The team is very much looking forward to debating again in 2021.​

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