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ASPIRE comes to Coonabarabran High School

ASPIRE is an outreach program run by the University of New South Wales. The program recognises regional teens face unique issues in relation to higher education, such as missing out on vital resources and information about university due to location. Students from Years 10-12 participated in a variety of ASPIRE workshops on August 15 to help them understand post-HSC pathways. The sessions were informative and students were well behaved and enthusiastic. Thank you to all staff and students who ensured the day was such a success!

Welcome Back Term 3 – Year 12

23 July 2019

Dear Parents/ Carers
Re: Year 12
Welcome back for what will be your child’s last full term of secondary education! As you know, we moved the Trial Higher School Certificate Examinations to the end of Term 2 to take account of the fact that from this year, the New South Wales Educational Standards Authority (NESA) limits the number of HSC, assessments to 4, with only one round of formal examinations allowed. As we couldn’t hold Half-Yearly examinations, we wanted students to exercise their examination skills prior to the middle of Term 3, where our Trials have been held in past years.
Additionally, in past years, some Year 12 students’ attendance has fallen away after the Trials. Accordingly, we are hoping that the fact that students have had the holidays to recharge and have further assessment tasks to submit this term, will support strong attendance.
Attendance at school, each and every day this term is one of the most important things your child can do to reach their potential in the HSC Examinations which commence on Thursday 17 October 2019. Early in the term, important Trial feedback will be given in class and thereafter students will work to finish their coursework and submit their final assessment task. Many students also have major works and projects which are due this term. Once coursework is finished, students will move into structured revision of coursework including specific targeted revision during Wednesday afternoon sport time which will commence this week. Remembering that the HSC course commenced in October 2018, it is vital that students attend each day and actively participate in revision exercises.
This is certainly an exciting time for your child and whilst the HSC Examinations are not the sole determinant of a students’ future, our experience has shown that students who attend each day and work productively with their teachers, reach their potential and hence maximise their post-school opportunities. A lot of growth can be achieved in the coming weeks if students bring a diligent and positive mind set.
A couple of dates for you to note:
Tuesday 30 July 4.00 pm – 7.00 pm – Parent/ Teacher Night.
Thursday 26 September 9.00 am – Year 12 Farewell Assembly.
Thursday 26 September 6.30 pm – Year 12 Formal Dinner.
The school provides structured revision during the next school holiday period. Students will receive a timetable of revision sessions in their portfolio upon graduation. In past years, students have very much valued these sessions as a positive support in the lead up to the HSC Examinations.

Finally thanks to the many staff who volunteered their time during the holidays to assist students with major works and projects and to ensure that the school was open as a study venue for senior students. Senior students are welcome to use the school on a week day from 7.30am and on most days supervision is available until at least 6.00pm.
The staff are looking forward to working with your child over the coming weeks. It is always a special time, finishing off courses of study and working to stretch students’ knowledge and skills. If in the meantime should you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the school.
Yours sincerely

Ms M Doolan
Relieving Principal

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