Farm Vehicle Safety Course

Well done to Jono, Charlie, Cameron and Matt on their efforts and attitudes throughout the excursion.

On 16 and 17 November, four Year 11 Primary Industries students attended a Farm Vehicle Safety Course at the Dubbo TAFE.  The aim of the course was for students to learn the latest safe operation of both 2-wheeler and 4-wheeler motorbikes. This required the students to get hands-on experience with riding these motorbikes under the watchful eye of their instructor Tom Toule.  They received a helmet and leather gloves as part of the course. Despite the students actually having all had quite some experience in riding motorbikes, all of them learnt extra skills over the two days about how shifting their weight around corners and up and down slopes, improves the stability and safety of the bikes. The weather was hot and windy but this did not deter the students who completed these competencies successfully, both practically and with a written knowledge test.

The students were exceptionally behaved over the two days with the instructor impressed with their level of maturity and their determination to demonstrate the new-found riding styles. Tom commented that this group was one of the best he had seen for a while, and that they all had the employability skills that he was looking for in an employee.

CHS Ag Skills Day 2020

Students exploring Bee Homes with Ange Bunner

Introducing students to, and promoting awareness of the diverse range of skills in the agriculture industry through hands-on experience in small groups.

There is always a huge diversity of skills offered at the Ag Skills Day, and that did not change last week when the day ran in compliance with COVID-19 guidelines.

This valuable learning experience was attended by Coonabarabran High School students studying Agriculture and Primary Industries and Year 8 who took advantage of being hands-on in the following workshops:  Kate Davies showed there is more to know about sheep than you first think; Chris Cormie demonstrated yet  again that  he is a guru in Horse Training,; Pig Assessment was thoroughly covered by Michelle Webb; Marty Wilkin challenged the knot tying skills of all students; Greg Larkin and Richard Fleming were impressed by the focus of students in Welding; Ange Bunner involved students in making Bee homes; Callen Thompson engaged his audience in weed management;  Kevin Keeler helped students become competent with pipe fittings; Kevin Bell brought his sheep and magnificent sheep dogs to the day; Kelly Leedham and May Fleming ran Bird Identification; students made mini worm farms with Maryann Ebsworth, Stefan Elboune helped students appreciate the value of Natural habitat Corridors as well as running two workshops for Roving Reporters; Dan Stewart and Liz Hawkins taught students some basic tractor maintenance and driving skills; and, Will Thorncraft and Luke Milsom worked with students covering the complexities and relative advantages and disadvantages of different biosecurity techniques.

We appreciate the support given to the school this year by all the experienced, passionate, engaging, flexible presenters.  We are also most grateful for Equity funds distributed by the State Government to our school supporting student education and countering the socio-economic disadvantage of our school due to isolation and the economy. The school canteen once again supplied a sumptuous banquet, a fitting accompaniment to a brilliant, hands-on, day of learning for our students.

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Ag Skills Day 2019

Kelly Leedham assists students with bird identification at recent Ag Skills Day.

Introducing students to, and promoting awareness of the diverse range of skills in the agriculture industry through hands-on experience in small groups

The contribution of the Year 12 Primary Industries students, Ag classes and the cattle leading team means Coona High is ready to welcome the thirty eight workshop presenters and students and staff from Coonabarabran, Binnaway, Mendooran, Baradine and Gilgandra who attending this 2019 Ag Skills Day. It was a welcome sight when the first of the Primary Industries class arrived to help set up at 6:30am. The weather is always topical and this year all four seasons and an intermittent polar blast was the experience.

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Binnaway Show Judging Day

It was pleasing to see just how many keen Junior Judges attended the Binnaway Show Society event last month. Just over 30 Coonabarabran High students joined the day and were very successful in the four judging competitions (see below for details). Along with the judging competitions, students got the opportunity to use a handpiece and learn how it is to shear a sheep from the Western TAFE team, learn about and have a go at auctioneering from David Grant and Bill Tate, and get an idea of the range of crops grown in our region in the agronomy workshops delivered by James Fleming.

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