Visual Art – D7

Term 1 has seen students in the D7 Support Unit class complete a Visual Arts unit of work on portraiture. Students have experimented with a variety of mediums including collage, pencils and paintings, and have worked through a variety of techniques including self-portraits, guided portrait drawing, and expressive drawings. Students have had the opportunity to create works which express their own individual style. Our major work for this unit was a large portrait created following step by step instructions. Students have completed paintings to a high standard, and should be congratulated on their effort. Well done, D7.  NicoleCottrill

Support Unit Musical preparation

Students in the Support Unit have spent several hours over the past few weeks painting and preparing backdrops for the school musical ‘We Will Rock You’. This has involved teamwork, problem solving and using critical thinking skills. Students have worked tirelessly to complete this project.  A fair effort in perseverance and persistence, for all students involved.

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Visual Art Class Project

D1 have been working on an up cycled group Visual Arts project, which highlights Edward De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats method of thinking and group discussion. So far, students have designed and almost finished wood burning the title, each of the hats and the explanation of what each hat means. Next, they will be using tile cutter tools to cut small glass tiles, creating a mosaic of the six hat colours (red, yellow, blue, green, black and white) on each of the hats. They will then seal and varnish the work. When it is complete, this project will be displayed outside of D1 demountable classroom facing the Senior Quad area of the school.

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