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Consultation on proposed changes to Mobile Phone Policy

Despite the delays caused by recent circumstances, we had begun a consultation process on the future of mobile phones at our school. With the difficulties that occur with our policy of no phones in class but allowing them during recess and lunch, we are seeking to change the policy to one of no phones at school at all.

More details are available in the note below. We welcome feedback on this plan to be submitted via email to or via a box at the school office window, by Wednesday July 1.





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Last Day of Term – Year 12 Walkathon Fundraiser – July 3

With the current difficult current circumstances, Year 12 students have not been able to undertake fundraising in support of their formal. We have also not been able to hold whole school events such as the Athletics Carnival.

With these factors in mind we have decided to hold a Year 12 Walkathon fundraiser on Friday July 3, with all details in the note below:

Download (PDF, 383KB)


Engineering Fun! Catapult Challenge! Year 8 Technology

During the period of remote learning, Year 8 students in the Engineering systems rotation of Mandatory Technology were given a Catapult Challenge. The goal was to build a catapult that can launch a ping pong/cotton balls so that it hits the targets in the game. Students had to find and use popsicle sticks, straws, rubber bands, spoon, tape, scissors and cotton balls. The brief is outlined below. Students tested their catapult by trying to hit as many of the targets as possible in as few shots as possible. In the process, students learnt how force affects the motion of a projectile, as well as the optimum angle for launching a projectile.

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Covid-19 Update June 11

As a result of the updated health advice and relaxed restrictions, the Department of Education has advised  that schools are able to recommence the majority of school-based activities from either 15 June 2020 or the start of Term 3 (20 July 2020). The Department has updated the attached Return to full-time face-to-face learning guidelines to assist you in understanding which activities can resume and when, and which are still under review.  It is anticipated that there will be further relaxing of restrictions over the coming weeks and as soon as possible we will communicate any changes to you.

You would appreciate that it is, however, important not to become complacent. All activities on school sites must occur in line with existing infection control procedures and the additional health, safety and distancing requirements outlined in the AHPPC Guidelines or in NSW Health advice, particularly as they relate to adults. Non-essential visitors are still not allowed on site or at events – this includes parents/carers.

The Guidelines provide a comprehensive list and examples of what can take place.  You may care to familiarise yourself with these.

Best wishes

Mary Doolan

National Sorry Day 2020

2020 National Sorry Day was slightly different this year with not being able to take part in our annual walk across the Mary Jane Cain Bridge. Our students James Whalan, Madison Heywood, Laynee Cain and Charlotte Thompson spoke about the importance of Sorry Day and reflected upon the significance of National Sorry Day and how it is a day of recognition, healing and reconciliation.

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