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2021 SRC  News

Congratulations to all students from Years 7 to 11 who have been chosen by their peers to become part of the Student Representative Council (SRC). It will be a pleasure working with you this year.

Within the SRC the following positions have been filled:

Vance McDonald – President

Alex Freeman       – Secretary

Declan Eshman    – Wellbeing representative

In Term 1 2021 the SRC have already organised, with the help of Mis Rebecca Dowling, activities for the whole school on Anti Bullying Day. The involvement of all students and staff and the conversations that were started because of bullying were truly amazing.

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Year 7 Welcome BBQ

The Year 7 Welcome BBQ provided a great opportunity for parents and teachers of Year 7 students as well as executive members of staff, to acquaint themselves with one another as well as providing a valuable forum for important information to be communicated with parents. Parents also enjoyed a BBQ dinner as well the opportunity to inspect our impressive facilities. Students enjoyed the opportunity to demonstrate bunsen burners to their parents as well as to have a go at the flight simulator. A great night was had by all.

Hugh Deasey

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