Di Suthons’ visit to Year 11 Music

The Year 11 Music class is currently doing an overview of Renaissance Music. On Wednesday 8 May, Ms Di Suthons visited the class and demonstrated her two viola da gambas to the students. These instruments are typical of the Renaissance and Baroque Eras in Music. The Music students were lucky enough to get to try out the instruments as well and were taught the basics of viol playing by Ms Suthons. I’d like to thank Ms Suthons for making the time to visit us and show us her instruments, and for allowing the students to try them out.  Aimee Rossler

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HSC Music Study Day

On Wednesday 8 May, the three HSC Music students – Liam Russell, Angus Lambert and Jayden Moore – attended the HSC Music Study Day at Dubbo College, Senior Campus. Students attended workshops on aural as well as on constructing and presenting viva voces. During the last session, students observed some performances by students from other schools and listened to feedback given to the performers by experienced examiners. All in all, it was a very constructive day! A huge thank you goes to Mrs Mary Doolan who stepped in at the last minute and helped out with transporting the students to Dubbo and back to Coonabarabran.

Aimee Rossler


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