AMEB Music Exams 2021

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Seven Music students completed their AMEB Online Video Repertoire Music Exams over the weekend. The students are as follows: Alex McWhirter – Grade 4 Trumpet; Ellah Bowmaker and Megan Hain – Grade 3 Clarinet; Sam Bowman – Grade 2 Saxophone; Riley Fleming – Grade 3 Saxophone; Declan Eshman – Grade 4 Saxophone; Shafin Salim – Grade 4 Piano.

All of these students put a huge amount of work into their preparation and spent many hours rehearsing after school and on weekends. The recording process also involved quite a few hours of work after school hours and these students should be commended for their hard work.

Shafin has lessons with Ms Di Suthons and the rest of the students all have Skype lessons with Mark Walton at school. Mark very generously works with these students during lunch times three times a week through his outreach program and we appreciate his time. All of the students attend their lessons with Mark without fail and very willingly give up their lunch times for their lessons.

A HUGE thank you goes to both teachers for preparing the students for these exams, and also to Miss Lewis who assisted with the rehearsals after school leading up to the recordings.

Aimee Rossler


Creative Arts Podcast Competition

Alex McWhirter

Shafin Salim

During Term 3, some of the Year 9/10 Music students worked on a composition for the Creative Arts Podcast Competition. For this competition, students had to compose a 4-bar or 8-bar loop to be used as intro/outro music for the Creative Cast Podcast series. The competition was open to all Stage 5 Creative Arts students in NSW public schools. Nine compositions were entered into the competition, and we are very happy to announce that one of our entries was selected as the winner: Alex McWhirter in Year 10 was the composer of the winning entry! He composed his loop composition using Soundtrap software. Alex did absolutely fabulous work with his composition and should be commended for his diligent work and for submitting his work for feedback a few times during the process. Alex’s winning entry has resulted in a $2000 grant being awarded to Coonabarabran High School! Well done also to Shafin Salim, whose composition was also short-listed. And, finally, well done to the other seven students whose work was submitted to the competition – you all did fantastic work!

Aimee Rossler

AMEB Online Orchestra

The Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) have this year again organised an Online Orchestra.

For this event, they made scores for the newly commissioned work Morning Star, Evening Star available online. The Jazz Band learnt the music and, earlier this term on 11 August, recorded their performance of the first half with the help of the wonderful Dr Armstrong.

The Jazz Band’s recording will be incorporated into the full recording of this work and this recording – the Online Orchestra – will be released in October. Twenty-four students participated in this recording and they should be commended for their hard work and effort in preparing for the recording.

The students were: Tashani Clarke, Eleanor Rapley, Josie Strong, Annabelle Rogers (flute); Clover Hippisley, Monique Bragg, Ellah Bowmaker, Claire Butcher (clarinet); Declan Eshman, Riley Fleming, Sam Bowman, Ella Atkinson, Hudson Thornhill (saxophone); Lachlan Eshman (trombone); Caleb Smith, Alexander McWhirter (trumpet); Blake Murnane, Emma Robinson, Molly Shannon (bass); Lawrance Little, Jordan Dicks (keyboard); Shafin Salim, Sophie Bunting (percussion).

A huge thank you goes to Miss Lewis for helping out with the saxophone parts and for tutoring some of our musicians! Another huge thank you goes to Dr Armstrong for all his time and effort in setting up and recording the band.

Mrs Aimee Rossler

Make Music Australia 21 June 2021   

As part of the Make Music Australia Day event, just over 50 of our school students provided some live music at Lunch on Monday 21 June 2021. The idea behind this day is to have as many free music-making events happening on one day as possible and to build a community of music makers. The concept of a “musical holiday” originated in France in 1982. The original idea was to have a day where music would be performed free of charge all around cities and towns. Last year, over 800 cities around the world threw citywide music celebrations on 21 June . The Make Music festival is celebrated in more than 800 cities in 120 different countries. The event was run in Australia in 2018 for the first time and saw over 100 events in 80 locations on  21 June. This year, Coonabarabran High School participated in Make Music Australia Day by presenting a Live Music at Lunch event which was registered on the Make Music Australia Day web site. We managed to get a very large group of students performing as the various class music groups took to the stage to play a piece they had been working on. The 7A and 7D class bands combined to play I’m Yours and were followed by the 8A class band who played My Girl. The Year 8D band performed Back in Black. The two Year 9/10 Music classes combined for a performance of Ocean Eyes and Year 11 and 12 combined to play Just the Two of Us with Miss Lewis performing as soloist. Two students performed a solo piece each – they were Vance McDonald and Emily Staniforth. The students did a fabulous job in providing 40 minutes of music and were supported by their peers and staff. A big thank you also goes to Miss Lewis for all her fantastic work with our students, Mr Armstrong for setting up the sound for us, and Mr Moffat who accompanied some groups on drums.

Mrs Aimee Rossler

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