Science & Engineering Challenge

Science & Engineering Challenge Team

On the 28th of August, 32 Year 9 and 10 Students from Coonabarabran High School competed in the University of Newcastle Science and Engineering Challenge. This was the State Final of the competition, within which students in teams of four competed in multiple tasks and challenges to earn points, which were then combined to contribute to the school score. These tasks were activities such as using limited materials to build model mars rovers and bridges, managing energy networks efficiently and other such challenges. These tasks and activities also provided students with opportunities to build teamwork skills and resilience during strenuous problem-solving activities, proving to be a positive contribution for those students on their eventual way to undertaking their HSC subjects. Students also enjoyed the opportunity to visit a big city. All our teams performed at a high standard. The CHS team faced stiff competition, including from schools such as James Ruse, coming in sixth position out of eight. ​

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The Duel Down Under was yet another full-on but totally worth it experience for our robotics crew ‘The Supernova Star Squad’. After a very productive and stressful first day of attaching the new ‘cargo’ arm mechanism (courtesy of Jack), trouble shooting issues like; it’s too high, how do we replace the battery now, crazy coding and controlling the robot (just to name a few). All worth it! The team progressed further than they have so far in the competition (second semi) which was an amazing effort. Thanks to the dedication of the team, the mentors including Carl and The Observatory, our bus driver Mr Rayner, and the chocolatey goodness package and help from the Newton’s.

Year 11 Biology excursion

On Monday 19th August the Year 11 biology class visited the Warrumbungles to carry out field work as part of the ecosystems module of work. During the day students developed their skills in a range of techniques used to study living and non-living components of the environment. By the end of the day the students could competently use a range of devices and techniques to collect reliable data.

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Science week at CHS

Cobey Smith and Joe Cooper take out the award for creating the longest word and sentence using chemical symbols

Can you have too much ‘sciencey’ Fun? The Science Faculty says no way! It was great to see so many students explore the science what was on offer at lunchtime during Science Week; there was the ‘Paper Plane Challenge’, the ‘Robotics Obstacle Course’, the ‘Water Rocket Blast Off’, for the movie buffs, a film discovering the amazing world of slime, and who could forget (as it is still all over the dais) the ‘Non Newtonian Fluid Fun’. Thank you to everyone who got involved. Congratulations to the winners of the Cryptic Science Inquiry Questions. Happy Sciencing!

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