2021 Minister’s and Secretary’s Awards for Excellence program

Melinda Ryan

Lachlan Eshman

Congratulations  Lachlan and Melinda on receiving the Minister’s Award for Excellence in Student Achievement for 2021!

These awards showcase the exceptional work that occurs every day across NSW public education – by schools, students, teachers, employees and parents.

One of the Public Education Foundation’s primary roles is to celebrate the best of public schooling, and the Minister’s and Secretary’s Awards aims to do that.

Lachlan and Melinda received the following citations:

Lachlan Eshman is an extraordinary young man. He is talented across a range of achievements; academically, on the sporting field, and in a number of cultural pursuits, particularly as a musician, singer and thespian. Within our community however, it has been Lachlan’s concern for others and willingness to assist that has been greatly appreciated. He has mentored younger members of our Robotics team as well as junior students in need of a positive role model. He can always be relied upon by staff to step up, lead and assist.

Melinda Ryan is an outstanding young woman. She has achieved excellence in her studies through her enthusiasm for learning and willingness to work hard to achieve a goal. She has been an exemplary role model in our community through her upholding of our school’s core values of excellence, resilience and respect. She is highly, and rightly regarded by staff as a young woman of considerable talent and integrity, and a well-deserved recipient of this award.

Year 11 Field Study at the Warrumbungles

On Tuesday 10th of August, 14 Year 11 Biology students travelled to the Warrumbungles to practise ecological survey techniques. The goal for the day was to collect data about the abiotic and biotic factors in two different ecosystems so we could analyse data and compare the two ecosystems.

We were fortunate to have beautiful weather on the day. The day started at White Gums lookout where Mr Wes Leedham from the Warrumbungles National Park Environmental Education Centre gave the students an outline of the geological and ecological history of the landscape. Our first study site was just off the track to the lookout. Here students used a range of techniques to gather data about biotic and abiotic features of the ecosystem.

After lunch, students used the same techniques to collect data about the ecosystem at a site that has experienced more human disturbance. The last task of the day involved getting dirty hands while testing the soil samples that had been collected at each site. After completing the field work, students spent time analysing and presenting their data in a way that allowed them to compare the two ecosystems.

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Miss Christoff brings Biology to D1/D2!​

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This term we were very fortunate to welcome the expertise of Miss Christoff, Science/Biology teacher, to D1/D2 for a science lesson on dissections.

Students watched Miss Christoff’s demonstration of a bull’s eye being dissected, while she explained what each part was, what each part did and how it was the same or different to that of a human eye.
Students were then welcomed to put on a pair of gloves and touch each of the parts, even trying to put the eye back together to see how it all worked.

Thankyou Miss Christoff for a really interesting (and a little gross!) Science lesson!
Miss Emma Rankmore
D2 Classroom Teacher

Youth Leading in STEM 2021

During the last week of Term 2, a group of students from Year 9 and 10 travelled to Canberra to participate in Youth Leading in STEM – an educational outreach initiative coordinated by ANU.
Students were selected through an application process, and it speaks to the calibre of the students when all 9 students who applied were selected to attend! The students selected were Riley Fleming, Shafin Salim, Declan Eshman, Laura Williams, Kada Hutt, Emma Robinson, Kira Holmesby, Jack Foster and Claudia Heaney.

The camp is designed to allow students to explore a wide range of STEM fields in a university environment, and has students engaging in hands on experiments in key learning areas such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computing and Engineering. Students also experience on-campus living and dining and learn more about ANU and work with mentors and academics to hone their leadership and presentation skills.

All 9 students from Coonabarabran High School had a fabulous time and were fantastic ambassadors for the school.

Science and Engineering Challenge


On Thursday 10 June, a group of twenty one Year 9 and 10 students competed in the University of Newcastle’s Science and Engineering Challenge at Narrabri. All teams did their best in their events and several of our teams won challenges. At the end of the day, the Coonabarabran High team placed second.

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