Miss Christoff brings Biology to D1/D2!​

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This term we were very fortunate to welcome the expertise of Miss Christoff, Science/Biology teacher, to D1/D2 for a science lesson on dissections.

Students watched Miss Christoff’s demonstration of a bull’s eye being dissected, while she explained what each part was, what each part did and how it was the same or different to that of a human eye.
Students were then welcomed to put on a pair of gloves and touch each of the parts, even trying to put the eye back together to see how it all worked.

Thankyou Miss Christoff for a really interesting (and a little gross!) Science lesson!
Miss Emma Rankmore
D2 Classroom Teacher

Youth Leading in STEM 2021

During the last week of Term 2, a group of students from Year 9 and 10 travelled to Canberra to participate in Youth Leading in STEM – an educational outreach initiative coordinated by ANU.
Students were selected through an application process, and it speaks to the calibre of the students when all 9 students who applied were selected to attend! The students selected were Riley Fleming, Shafin Salim, Declan Eshman, Laura Williams, Kada Hutt, Emma Robinson, Kira Holmesby, Jack Foster and Claudia Heaney.

The camp is designed to allow students to explore a wide range of STEM fields in a university environment, and has students engaging in hands on experiments in key learning areas such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computing and Engineering. Students also experience on-campus living and dining and learn more about ANU and work with mentors and academics to hone their leadership and presentation skills.

All 9 students from Coonabarabran High School had a fabulous time and were fantastic ambassadors for the school.

Science and Engineering Challenge


On Thursday 10 June, a group of twenty one Year 9 and 10 students competed in the University of Newcastle’s Science and Engineering Challenge at Narrabri. All teams did their best in their events and several of our teams won challenges. At the end of the day, the Coonabarabran High team placed second.

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Robotics – The Masked Supernova Star Squad

Congratulations to our amazing Robotics Team for getting ‘Dunkler Roboter’ finished and ready to compete in Sydney! Due to COVID, only 6 team members and 2 mentors were permitted to participate (and enter the tournament location). The reduced team numbers and having to wear masks ALL DAY, made this tournament a unique and very intense experience. The team did an amazing job despite the circumstances and even managed to design and attach a climbing device to the robot mid tournament!

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ASTRO 3D – Siding Spring Observatory

Our Physics class were treated to an amazing opportunity to explore the Siding Spring Observatory complex, which included a tour of the AAT. The Physics crew explored the workings of the ridiculously big telescope, interrogated the telescope operators and spoke to onsite Astronomers. They also enjoyed the fabulous views of the Warrumbungle Nation Park from the catwalk! Two days of telescopes, cosmology and depth study activities, what more could you want?

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