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Sustainability Garden – D2

D2 students, Miss Rankmore, Mrs Rice and Miss Rice have been working hard on preparing the D2 Sustainability Garden at the front of D2 demountable this term. They have put in new garden beds, built and created herb beds, planted vegetable seeds, pulled out weeds, built two new garden seats for all to use and created a brush fence to tidy up the area under the demountable. They have put in a new Autumn crop of brussel sprouts, buk choi, beetroot, leek, parsley, snow peas and chives and can’t wait to see them germinate and grow over the next couple of months. Students will then use their tasty homegrown produce as part of their Design and Technology cooking program in the Support Unit. They have also added a rain gauge and a thermometer to follow the weather events.   Miss Rankmore

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D7 Garden

Mrs Houley, Tabitha and Will working on the D7 garden.

Over the past 12 months, D7 students have teamed up with Mrs Cottrill, Mrs Houley, Ms Rankmore and the sustainability grant to update our garden area outside the D7 classroom.

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Swimming and Water Safety Program (SWSP)

This term D7 students have commenced the SWSP with excellent weather conditions. Each week students have been practising their water safety skills, such as treading water, floating and basic introduction of breaststroke. Some students have progressed to an advanced level of swimming which involves swimming the length of the pool, freestyle and an introduction of diving techniques.

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D7 performs at Cooinda!

This term the D7 class have been practising tirelessly on their ukuleles and singing in order to participate in a concert for the residents of Cooinda. Students performed several songs on their ukuleles and sang a range of Christmas songs and old time favourites. Students were well received by the audience and staff at Cooinda.
Dedicated Music teacher, Nancy Doolan, accompanied students along with SLSO Vanessa Houley and Narelle Pfieffer, who drove the bus.
The students are now known as ‘The Rising Stars’. Not only have they performed at Cooinda, but they have also participated in a show case concert at the High School in Term 3. Students have shown great enthusiasm and will continue to learn new songs in the New Year.

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D2 Technology


So far this term, D2 students have been testing out their up-cycling skills in Technology and have revamped some sad looking chairs, transforming them into groovy designer pieces!

Everyone made their little contribution, the chairs look amazing, and…there are requests from some staff members to fix theirs too!

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