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The D7 Support Unit run a Community Access Visit program weekly.  The Community Access program at Coonabarabran High School has been successful with students to overcome anxiety, increase self-esteem and self-valuation​. The students visit the Town Library on Mondays and various organisations and retail outlets on Tuesdays where the managers support the program and offer their time to let the students participate in hands on skills developing their competencies and social skills.

Nancy Hunt – D7 Support Teacher.

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D2 Technology​


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In Technology lessons in D2, students have been working on three main projects so far this term – cooking, design and woodburning. Each week on a Friday periods 3 and 4, students in D1 and D2 get together and cook, then share a meal with each other and their teachers and SLSOs. This week it was D2’s turn to cook for everyone, and they cooked pizza, even making the dough from scratch. In design, students upcycled some wire, glass drops and beads into a pendant. In woodburning, students have started a class project to contribute to the school that will be revealed at a later date! Stay tuned!
Miss Emma Rankmore
D2 Classroom  Teacher

Miss Christoff brings Biology to D1/D2!​

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This term we were very fortunate to welcome the expertise of Miss Christoff, Science/Biology teacher, to D1/D2 for a science lesson on dissections.

Students watched Miss Christoff’s demonstration of a bull’s eye being dissected, while she explained what each part was, what each part did and how it was the same or different to that of a human eye.
Students were then welcomed to put on a pair of gloves and touch each of the parts, even trying to put the eye back together to see how it all worked.

Thankyou Miss Christoff for a really interesting (and a little gross!) Science lesson!
Miss Emma Rankmore
D2 Classroom Teacher

D1 Art Exploration

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D1 students are participating in Abstract Art units with a little scepticism and much delight. Their use of a myriad of mark making ‘tools’ and a variety of colours from many different sources create endless possibilities and students are learning quickly to experiment and take risks in the process of making Art. I am delighted with their engagement in the process, embracing contrast and their product (and I think they are too!).

Currently on display are their Aboriginal inspired works on canvas – black and white, cross hatching, hands with henna tatoo design.

D7 News – Community Access

Students of D7 regularly participate in a program known as Community Access. We have been to see how the local Tourist Centre works and what’s on offer –  the Bakery (went out the back and iced cakes); Post Office and saw how the mail is sorted; photos are at Space Gallery. Today we purchased a milk frother from Betta Electrical and had a ball out the back,  seeing ourselves on CTC footage. This program allows us to fully engage with the community,  building the students’ social skills and enabling access to recreation tasks building rapport for students with a disability within their community.

Nancy Hunt

CRT Support

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D2 News – June 2021

Resin art created by D2 students

This term, students in D2 have been working on a class project where they have been learning how to mix and pour resin, to make pendants, bookmarks, vessels, coasters and dominoes. The results have been very successful. Students also learned that when the weather does not cooperate and is wet and/or humid, the resin does not set properly!
Students in D2 have also been working on Food Technology as part of their technology lessons this semester. They have been making mini pizzas, noodle dishes and bacon and egg rolls, which have been very tasty. The big focus in these lessons is on hygiene and working as part of a team.
Miss Emma Rankmore

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